Kopi Museum

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Kopi Museum at Coffee Atelier used to be a small but busy coffee roaster’s workshop, called the Kim Guan Coffee Factory. It was started by coffeemaker, Mr. Ong, a Chinese from Hai Nan, China in 1988. Kim Guan coffee owed its success as a renowned local coffee, thanks to Mr. Ong’s passion in making the best quality coffee at his humble coffee factory.

The present Coffee Atelier have preserved the now-tranquil work space, once smoke-filled and redolent with the glorious aroma of freshly roasting coffee beans. The equipment pulleys and the wood-fired stoves which once held the pots of roasting coffee beans are still there, and it is easy to imagine the coffee roasters hard at work, endlessly stirring the coffee beans with large wooden paddles. The beans were roasted and blended with sesame seeds, salt, sugar and butter or margarine, producing the distinctively robust flavor of the local coffee. The original Kim Guan coffee is still sold at Coffee Atelier.

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